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IMPORTANT announcement (1st August 2016)
Kagi the online commerce store in the USA that processed online purchases of this software on our behalf have let us down badly as they have advised us without warning that they have ceased operations as of 31 July 2016. This means that no purchases can be processed until we can find another online commerce store to process your payment professionally.

We hope to remedy this problem within a week or so and apologize for any inconvenience caused however you can still download and evaluate in the meantime.

Download Home Brew Log - version 1.44 (1.8MB)
t is true that a Home Brewers progress towards perfection in beer making is proportional to the brewing records kept. ‘Home Brew Log’ is a database program which enables you to retain both computer and printed records of every brew you make. $15.00 USD

The trial includes some
FREE features. Screen Shots More information

me Brew Log over the test of time has proven to be a very popular and stable program.

Download Birthday Book Plus - version 1.08 (1.6MB)
Unlike those paper Birthday\Address (A to Z ) books that in time can get very untidy or lost Birthday Book Plus remains on your computer as a editable database program from which you can view or print renewable multiple copies of Birthday and contact information at anytime. $12.00 USD

The ‘Plus’ refers to the Reminders file. This is a completely separate database where you can record anything. For example anniversaries, appointments, bills, car maintenance or whatever. This is a fully revised program based on the original (v1.06)
Screen Shots More information

These trials will not time expire and can be fully un-installed should you wish to do so.

Requirements: Windows™ (32bit compatible).   To register visit:

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Click here to visit Les at ‘Aussie Home Brewing’, a very interesting home brew site.

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